#106These are great for men bathroom  #103  Dress but don't have ruffle or lace. I have made in John Deer and sports. Call we can't show everything.  We will try anythings if we can get material.

BATH SET will be price by the ruffle or lace. The set that has no ruffle or lace will be $26.00. The set that has ruffle but know lace will be $31.00. Set that has ruffle and lace. $36.00 Shipping $6.75 per set.your paragraph here.

#103  BATH SET has two pieces will fit the standard or elongated seat. You may pick your color. Price on all sets with ruffle but know lace will be $31.00 plus shipping $6.75 in U.S.A..

#108 This set has stars appliqued ruffle. $31.00

#107 Set with ruffle and lace. You pick color of ruffle.  $36.00


                        #110  $36.00         #103   $36.00       #104   $36.00       #104   $31.00

The sets are very washable.  Just wash in cold on gentle setting.

We advise to just partially dry in dryer then put back on lid to dry.

#106 $31.00

#104 Doily in center. You can have one color for all.  $36.00.

#106 The center of bath set make different in price  #105You . pick the center number. And add the lace or ruffle. Pick white or ecru for background or lace. That how we set our prices. You may call 417-326-4880 anytime youpara

We designed the bathroom set and have made and sold them for well over 30 years. 

The set consists of tank topper and toilet lid cover.
The toilet lid cover will fit a standard or elongated. 

We can do any bathroom set: 

  • With no lace ruffle added.

  • We do without any ruffle now for man bathroom.

  • With a wide lace ruffle added for Victorian Look 

Bathroom Sets

Type your paragraph here.

This show the other pieces I will make. The extra are listed priced by there self.

#201. Towel set ecru with appliqued open heart 3 pieces set. White oe ecru.   $32.95

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#103 This a bath set great for a man bathroom. Will fit standard or elongated seat. Wash very well  $26.00


#103 $26.00        #103  $26.00        #103   $26.00     #103   $26.00       #103   $26.00

(417) 326-4880

#106 This set has open appliqued heart in center. The towel will match with know ruffle. Set $26.00  Towel $32.95.

This show all the extra pieces. Have a beautiful bathroom.

#104All of the sets will wash very well.  The set wil##l fit both   standard or elongated because has electric in seat edge. We also make them for Holiday may just be material.TCall if we are not showing them.y417-326-4880

We offer these colors:  Black, Brown, Country Blue, Mauve, Navy and Burgundy

  • We will do special orders in any color or design.

  • We will try to find any color or print you are decorating with. 

  • Just call 417-326-4880 to order, if no answer leave a message.

  • We offer pieces that can match your set such as bath towels sets, wastebasket cover,

  • tissue box cover or extra toilet paper holder.

 They can be purchased in Bathroom Accessories.